Welcome to Life Flex

Welcome to Life Flex

About Life Flex

Life Flex is one of the HealthZone platform’s digital health programs. Life Flex is a 7 module biopsychosocially-based digital intervention program for anxiety and or depression. The major focus of the Life Flex program is teaching people how to respond more adaptively and flexibly to every day life – biologically, emotionally, cognitively (thinking) and behaviourally. Life Flex also focuses on increasing positive emotions and incorporates the concept of brain/neural plasticity. We have also included a ‘mood and lifestyle events self-monitoring system’ that can help you to better ‘see’ your progress as you are working through the program. The program also allows you to connect a fitbit device so that you can discover even more about yourself. Watch the brief video below to learn more about Life Flex and why we developed it. Please note that the recruitment for the current Life Flex study has now closed.